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Company Name: Ameriphil NCLEX Review Center
Business Category: Review Centers , Review Centers
Products / Services:
- Consultation including personalized Road Map offering career advice, CGFNS/NCLEX advice, NCLEX training options, English language advice, immigration information and US employment options.
- NCLEX Prep Consultation.
- US Employment Consultation to match requirements with possible US employers.
- CV guidance & interview prep
- Exposure to more than in the HCA network of medical facilities looking for experienced nurses.
- Negotiate with US employers on your behalf,
- Ongoing advice and support throughout the journey to the USA and also after the nurse have been relocated and settled in the US.
- Assistance with establishing a credit rating in the US, purchasing a new car, acquiring insurance, credit cards, mobile telephones and bank accounts.
Address: 2/F CSJ Bldg.105 Aguirre St. Makati City
Telephone Number: (632) 893-3775
Email address:

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