Club Manila East Pacific Resort in Real, Quezon Province

Club Manila East Pacific Resort is one of the best resorts in Real – Infanta, Quezon Area in terms of accommodation and amenities.

Located along the shoreline and beneath the mountain side of Real, Quezon, some 120 Km away from Manila and facing the Pacific Ocean, Club Manila East Resort offers a beach resort and room accommodation for vacationers. They have 3 swimming pools – 1 junior size and 2 for children, and function rooms. Room rates starts from Php2,500, that is already good for 4 persons. Entrance fee is Php150 per person.


The beach front of Club Manila East Resort, and other resorts in Real, Quezon is rough and rocky unlike the fine sand of resorts in other areas of the Philippines, but still good for swimming.

The resort is located near a river with flowing fresh water from the Sierra Madre Mountain.

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