Best Engineering Schools/Colleges in the Philippines

There is no defined standard to measure how good or bad engineering schools are. Also, some schools might be the best in one field of engineering and worst on the other field so it is hard to make a generalization.

However, if you will define the best engineering schools based on the schools performance on the licensure or board exam, these schools and universities are;
1. University of the Philippines (Diliman and Los Banos)
2. Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT)
3. De LaSalle University
4. Siliman University.

Those are just some; you can also review the result of each board exams to see it for your self.

Industries that I’ve worked for in the past years also prefer engineers that graduated from those schools.

However, in the end, it is still the individual performance of engineers that will tell if he is excellent or not, no matter where engineering school he has graduated. Because as many senior engineers in the field say, “only a fraction of what they know today was earned from school. Most of this knowledge was earned in their actual work or job itself”.