Fast Car Renewal of Registration in the Philippines: Steps and Procedure

Actually, it’s quite easy to renew the registration of your car in the Philippines if you already know the process, and the do’s and don’t.

The general “rules of thumb” to renew your registration faster are;
1. Don’t renew your registration at the LTO main office in the Quezon City. I don’t know, but based from my experiences, it’s faster to do the processing in the LTO branches. Probably, it’s because LTO main office is the most popular LTO office; that is why lots are flocking there for the renewal.
2. Don’t transact with fixers and anybody else who are offering their help. Why? Simply because the steps and procedure is already simple for you to ask their help. Besides, they will surely charge you for whatever service they offer. Also, you couldn’t trust them; a friend of mine lost his original OR and CR to one of the guys that offered him a help in the renewal.

For a faster renewal, just follow the following simple steps;
1. Have your smoke emission test done as early as possible. Some smoke emission test centers open earlier than 8:00am. Fee for the smoke emission test is around Php400.00 for a Sedan.
2. If someone offers you for the stencil of your engine and chassis, just ignore them because you wouldn’t need this kind of stencil, anyway. The inspector in the LTO center will be the one that will do the stencil, for free.
3. Buy Third Party Liability (TPL) insurance. It’s better if you could buy TPL by yourself; without the other’s help so won’t need to pay extra charge you for their service. The TPL for my 1996 Toyota Corolla Sedan costs only around Php560.00. There are TPL providers just around LTO branches. There are a lot of them in the LTO main office.
4. With TPL, last year’s OR and CR, and Smoke emission test certificate, go to LTO branches that, as I said, “less popular” to avoid long lines. I usually renew my registration at LTO P. Tuazon Branch in Cubao, Quezon City (See map below).
5. Submit all your documents to the Inspection officer for the stencil and “inspection” of your car. Don’t worry about the inspection; the inspectors don’t actually inspect your car.
6. Get your stencil and inspection certificate from the inspector, and together with your other documents, submit it to the window for evaluation, payment, approval and issuance of new sticker and Official Receipt (OR). Renewal fee for a Sedan is Php2,229.09 plus a Php200 charge if you registered late.

That’s all! Short and Simple.

Google Earth Map of LTO P. Tuazon: