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List of websites of other Religions in the Philippines

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  Christ's Commission Fellowship  [Visit]   - The official website of Christ's Commission Fellowship. Contains their history, ministry and statement of their faith.
- www .ccf .org .ph/

  Christian Churches of God Philippines  [Visit]   - A website of the Philippine chapter of Christian Churches of God. CCG is dedicated to providing well researched, scholarly bible study papers to all nations, peoples and laguages. Website contains discussion forums, weekly sermon, bible study programs and bible study papers.
-www .ccg .org/_region/Philippines

  Metropolitan Community Church Philippines  [Visit]   - A website of Metropolitan Community Church Philippines, one of the Metropolitan Community Churches all over the world affiliated with the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (UFMCC), founded by The Rev. Troy Ferry. Contains schedule of liturgy, statement of their faith and church activities.
-www .mccph .com

  Most Holy Church Of God In Christ Jesus (Kabanalbanalang Iglesia ng Dios kay Kristo Hesus)  [Visit]   - The Most Holy Church Of God In Christ Jesus is a religion who believes that they are the only spiritual nation in this lowly world whose people's citizenship is heaven. This website explains the belief of the Most Holy Church.
-www .mostholychurch .com

  New Apostolic Church Philippines  [Visit]   - Part of New Apostolic Church International, served by Canadian missionaries. Has over 1000 local churches. Website contains introduction to the work in the Philippines, how to get in contact, photo gallery, summary of beliefs.
-www .nac-philippines .org/

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