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Websites about Philippine History from World War I to American Colonialism

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  An American in the Philippines  [Visit]   - The online archival collection of George Percival Scriven, witness to the occupation of Bohol during the Philippine-American war, 1899 - 1901. From the Duke University special collections library.
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-scriptorium .lib .duke .edu/scriven

  Macario Sakay, Tulisan or Patriot?  [Visit]   - An article about Macario Sakay, one of those who fought for Philippine independence until the year 1910 and led the establishment the Tagalog Republic. Covers his biography, the Republika ng Katagalugan that he found, his guerilla tactics and his fall to Americans.
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-www .bibingka .com/phg/sakay

  Republic or Empire: American Resistance to the Philippine War  [Visit]   - Daniel B. Schirmer's history of the Anti-Imperialist League's opposition to the Philippine-American War, with a preface by Howard Zinn.
- www .boondocksnet .com/ai/dbs/

  Thomasites Centennial Project  [Visit]   - A centennial commemorative project in cooperation with American Studies associations in the Philippines, the Philippine-American Educational Foundation, the Embassy of the United States of America and leading cultural and educational institutions in the Philippines. A comemorition of American contributions to Philippine education. Contains infomations about the project, about the Thomasites, Speeches, essays, and photo gallery.
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-www .thomasites100 .org

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