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  Alibata  [Visit]   - A website containing informations about the origin and history of Alibata, an ancient writing system that was used in what is now the Philippines. Also contain informations about the usage, extinction and revival Alibata.
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-fatoprofugus .net/alibata/

  Alibata at Pandesal  [Visit]   - A website about the ancient Filipino script of 14 consonants and 3 vowels called the alibata or baybayin. Contains downloadable scipts in Bisaya, Tagalog and Ilocano.
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-www .archive .pinoysites .org/www1/alibataatpandesal-com/17/

  Histollection  [Visit]   - Website is all about old collectible items coming from the Philippines. This is to provide information about such items from the past that has been part of history.
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-histollection .blogspot .com/

  Philippine history pictures  [Visit]   - A collection of pictures of events, people and places in the Philippine history.
-philhistorypics .blogspot .com/

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