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Websites about Genealogy of Kapampangan People

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  Dayrits of San Fernando  [Visit]   - A website containing the history and genealogy of Dayrits of San Fernando that is believed to have originated from Apalit, Pampanga. Contains profile of famous Dayrits,and family tree. Also contain historical and cultural profile of San Fernando, Pampanga and the list of its Governadorcillos from Spanish to American Colonialism.
-www .geocities .com/ivanhenares

  Kapampangan Genealogy Resource  [Visit]   - A collection of genealogical sites for families in Pampanga and with Kapampangan origins. Also contains list of Kapampangan surnames, biography of some know Kapampangan personalities and links on some genealogical sites.
-www .geocities .com/pampgen

  limjoco Clan of Batangas and Pampanga  [Visit]   - The genealogy of Limjocos in Batangas and Pampanga Provinces. Contains profile, history and pictures of Limjocos late grandparents. Also contains dedications and links to other Limjoco websites.
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-www .limjoco .net

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