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  Passage, The  [Visit]   - The Philmusic page devoted to contemporary Pinoy pop jazz band with RealAudio of songs from their debut album.
-www .archive .pinoysites .org/www1/passage-com-ph/3/

  Awake  [Visit]   - A rock band based in Santa Rosa, Laguna, the Philippines.
-www .geocities .com/awakeadm

  DaydreamCycle  [Visit]   - With information on the band members, lyrics, and links.
-ddcycle .tripod .com

  Dead Ends on the Web  [Visit]   - Seminal 80's punk band alive and kicking on the web, real audio files of their songs, tribute to Jay D., band bio, straight from the band.
-www .geocities .com/SunsetStrip/4343/

  Drop Syndrome  [Visit]   - The official site of a Philippine underground rap-core band which fuses different type of music genres.
-www .dropsyndrome .8m .com

  Elite Band  [Visit]   - Jerry (violin/cello), "A" (vocals) and Rey (piano/keyboards). Available for various functions.
-members .fortunecity .com/elite/elite/

  J.R. Magat and the DET Crew  [Visit]   - With pictures, lyrics, biography, and links.
-www .angelfire .com/hiphop/MagatJR

  Lani Misalucha  [Visit]   - Includes her recent and upcoming shows, photos, articles and an online message board.
-lani .eradioportal .com/

  Majica Band  [Visit]   - Official website of the fantasy pop alternative band based in Bacolod City. Site contains downloadable MP3s.
-www .majicaband .com/

  Pinoy Rock Band - Kamandag  [Visit]   - Pinoy Rock Band Kamandag official website with free mp3s.
-www .kamandag .com

  Reagan and Hans  [Visit]   - Acoustic duo that play folk, blues, rock and jazz music.
-www .geocities .com/raceja/reagan_aceja .html

  Ric Ickard  [Visit]   - A website of Ric Ickard, a Phlippine musician of international caliber who is gaining a reputation with fingerstyle guitar enthusiasts internationally. Website contains his photos, discography, guitar tips, concert schudule and contact information.
-www .ricickard .com/

  SJT Strings  [Visit]   - Provides musicians and singers for events such as debuts, birthdays, corporate events, baptismals, serenades, reunions, and product launchings.
See Also: Musicians and singers for Wedding and Debuts in the Philippines

-sjtstrings .kasal .com

  Surban, Max  [Visit]   - With his biography, albums and his songs.
-www .geocities .com/maxsurban/

  Tripalium  [Visit]   - Presents Philippine underground music scene. Includes zine list, band biographies, labels, and interviews.
-www .geocities .com/rgmores

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