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Manufacturer of Power and Distribution Transformers in the Philippines

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About Transformers. Transformer is a magnetic circuit used to step up or to step down voltage. Power transformers are transformers with a total banked capacity of more than 500 KVA and usually used to step up generation voltage to transmission or sub-transmission voltages, or step down transmission voltage to primary distribution voltage level. It is usually 3 phase banks and equipped with necessary devices for protection and monitoring. Distribution transformers, on the other hand, are usually used to step down primary distribution voltage to secondary distribution voltage level. Distribution transformers can either be single phase or three phase banks.


  ABB in the Philippines  [Visit]   - A chapter of ABB in the Philippines that manufacture various electrical equipments and devices including power and distribution transformers.
-www .abb .com/ph

  Philippine Electric Corporation (PHILEC)  [Visit]   - Philippine Electric Corporation (PHILEC) is a Filipino company majority owned by First Philippine Holdings Corporation (FPHC). PHILEC manufactures a wide range of single and three-phase distribution and power transformers up to 15MVA. Other products include 3-phase and single phase compads. PHILEC website contains company profile, list of products and services, plant photos, and contact information.
-www .philec .com/

  Powertech  [Visit]   - A distributor of medium and high voltage electrical transformers and other electrical products and services in the Philippines. Website contains list of products and services offered as well as jobs. Office located in Metro Manila. more...
-www .powertech-ph .com/

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