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Medical Transcription Training Institutions in the Philippines

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About Medical Transcription. Medical Transcription is a proper documentation of medical tests, procedures, and treatment of patients. A Medical transcriptionists, usually, listens and transcribe audio files made by physicians and other healthcare professionals into medical reports, correspondence, and other administrative document.

Demand for Medical transcriptionists is projected to grow, in line with other health care practices, due to constantly growing health care industry in foreign countries, specially, since proper medical documentation is a now legal requirement for all institutions providing patient care.


  Ameriphil Transcription Institute  [Visit]   - Ameriphil is a TESDA approved school which offers affordable and on-site or distance medical transcription course available in the market worldwide. The main office is located at the Belvedere Tower in Ortigas Center. Website contains information about the institute, branches, tuition plan, related news, promotions and franchising.
-www .ameriphilmt .com

  DigiScribe Asia Pacific Corp  [Visit]   - With office address at Batangas City, Digi-Scribe is an outsource medical transcription company and training center. Website contains information about the company, list of services offered, and careers and trainings offered. more...
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-www .digiscribeasiapacific .com

  Total Transcription Solutions, Inc.  [Visit]   - With corporate office at Quezon City, TTSI offers both facility-based and online medical transcription training programs at all levels. The website contains information about the different programs offered, partner institutions and software downloading.
-www .ttsimt .com

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