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  Exotic butterfly Philippines  [Visit]   - A supplier of different kind of tropical and exotic butterflies in the Philippines. Located in Taculing, Bacolod City, their website contains pictures of various kinds of butterflies, and their contact information.
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-www .archive .pinoysites .org/www1/exotic-butterfly-buildtolearn-net/16/

  LAG Butterfly Farm and Garden  [Visit]   - Establish to breed exotic philippine butterfly and propagate host plants.LAG Butterfly Farm is the newest farm in Marinduque and Batangas City,selling adult butterfly and pupa. Website also contains butterfly photo gallery, list of products and contact info.
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-www .philippinebutterfly .com

  WHS Butterfly Farm  [Visit]   - Located in Pangi, Gasan, Marinduque, WHS Butterfly Farm is an enterprise created to promote local and international wildlife conservation programs for butterflies. Website contains information about the farm, butterfly list and some information about the butterfly life cycle, photo gallery and catalog of related product and services.
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-www .marinduque-butterfly .com

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