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Websites that offer downloads of Filipino (OPM) music files like mp3, midi, etc., for free

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  Pinoy Webby  [Visit]   - A search engine for Pinoy mp3 download Sites.
-www .pinoywebby .com/mp3download/

  Dreamer 's Nook  [Visit]   - Dreamer's Nook is a blog containing my favorite music, whether OPM or foreign. It also contains download links for the MP3 songs found in the playlists.
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-www .dreamersnook .com/

  IskolokoyCafe  [Visit]   - An OPM music site with free mp3 downloads.
-iskolokoycafe .webs .com/

  Jane Nieberg  [Visit]   - A free download site of some old and some new and popular Filipino MP3s.
-www .jnieberg .com/

  Kalibog  [Visit]   - A free download site and forum of local and foreign mp3 files including mp3 sharing, and listing of mp3 download sites. Also include links on online pinoy radio and TV, jokes, and more.
-www .archive .pinoysites .org/www1/kalibog-com/4/  [Visit]   - This site contains free mp3 codes, music playlist for your friendster and myspace profile.
-mp3-lounge .com/main .html

  Sing A Song  [Visit]   - A free download site of some popular Filipino MP3s. To download the mp3 files, save the .m3u file in your computer, open it with notepad, then you can now see the complete path of the mp3 files.
-www .members .aol .com/agila3374/mymp3/

  The Digital Pinoy  [Visit]   - A download site of most popular Filipino audio-music files and video. Downloads are no longer free.
-www .thedigitalpinoy .com/

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