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  Album launch  [Visit]   - Rivermaya album launch, 25 Jan 1999.
-www .apowell .demon .co .uk/slp99_pages/slp99_rivermaya .html

  Kisapmata  [Visit]   - Lyrics, images, chords and others.
-members .tripod .com/kisapmata/rivermaya .html

  Marc's  [Visit]   - RiverMaya fan site by Marc.
-www .geocities .com/Nashville/6268/

  OPM Source  [Visit]   - Audio and realaudio from Trip, Atomic Bomb and It's Not Easy Being Green.
-www .precize .com/opm/realaudio_rivermaya .html

  Rivermaya  [Visit]   - Lyrics, gigdates, pictures, and more of the latest information about one of the Philippine's talented band in the alternative scene.
-members .tripod .com/kisapmata

  Rivermaya  [Visit]   - A website about Rivermaya, an influential rock band in the Philippines, founded in 1993. Contains band member's biography, discography, related news and gig schedule.
-rivermaya .ph/

  Rivermaya eGroups  [Visit]   - Ground - The RiverMaya mailing list.
-groups .yahoo .com/group/rivermaya  [Visit]   - Virtual home and official site of Rivermaya.
-www .rivermaya .net/

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