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Directory of Student Organizations at the University of the Philippines

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  Aniban ng mga Kabitenyo  [Visit]   - Official site of the University of the Philippines Aniban ng mga Kabitenyo. Includes news and info and member's profiles.
-www .geocities .com/upanibanngmgakabitenyo/

  University of the Philippines Diliman Tulay Society  [Visit]   - Updates and stories from UP Diliman's Tulay Society. A society formed by former Lourdes School of Quezon City graduates.
-uptulay .bravehost .com/index .html

  UP Catandungan  [Visit]   - A socio-cultural organization exclusive for students of University of the Philippines, Diliman faction.
-www .geocities .com/hell_burnt/intro .html

  UP Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants  [Visit]   - With its executive officers, committees, calendar of activities, projects, gallery, alumni link, and a message board.
-upjpia .coolfreepage .com

  UP Kalilayan  [Visit]   - Socio-cultural organization of UP Diliman students from the provinces of Quezon and Aurora in the Philippines.
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-geocities .com/milwoki

  UP Sappho Society  [Visit]   - The University of the Philippines' lesbian organization aimed at fostering camaraderie among the lesbian students.
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-members .tripod .com/up_sappho_society/

  UP Student for Christ  [Visit]   - A student organization in the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Its principles are God-centered, Bible-centered, and Church-centered and is aimed to win over students to Christ and to mold them into biblical student leaders. Website includes information about the organization, list of members, and activities.
-upsfc .co .nr

  UPLB Chemical Society  [Visit]   - With its history, objectives, preamble, activities, membership, roster, message board, and contact information.
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-uplbchemsoc .bravepages .com

  UPLB Zoological Society (OZOOMS)  [Visit]   - The UPLB Zoological Society (OZOOMS), a duly recognized academic organization of the University of the Philippines at Los Baņos. Also contains news and updates about the organization, list of officers, and Encyclopaedia Ozoomsiana.
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-www .freewebs .com/ozooms1978/

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