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Alumni Communities
Websites of Alumni Communities in the Philippines. Includes Colleges and Universities, Highschool,and Elementary.
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Campus Publications in the Philippines
Campus-based Student Organizations
Websites of campus-based Student Organizations in the Philippines
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Organizations Providing Financial Assistance for Education


  Communications World of Amateurs Philippines Inc.  [Visit]   - An amateur radio group (ham radio). It supports the movement to preserve C.W. (morse code) in the Philippines.
-www .qsl .net/dx1cw/  [Visit]   - An IT company ran by students for students, the country's first IT company to give away free Internet services and more to school organizations, students and schools, utilizing both its online and offline infrastructure.
-www .iskul .org/

  Network of CALABARZON Educational Institutions (NOCEI)  [Visit]   - A network of schools, colleges and universities in the CALABARZON region of the Philippines, conceived for collaborative and developmental purposes.
-www .lasalipa .edu .ph/nocei/

  Philippine Commission on Educational Reform  [Visit]   - Established to focus on the research development of the educational system of the Philippines.
-members .tripod .com/pcer_ph/

  Student Technologists and Entrepreneur of the Philippines (STEP)  [Visit]   - The STEP is the official co-curricular organization of the department of Education in the Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE)which provides pupils and students with practical experiences,technical know-how,and opportunities s in home economics, agricultural technology, industrial arts, entrepreneurship and ICT integration while developing their leadership abilities and personal skills, and building wholesome character to strengthen national competitiveness and productivity. Website contains more info about the organization, its history, and a forum.
-depedstep .co .nr

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