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  Aguman Medical Mission 2000  [Visit]   - The humanitarian aid undertaken by the Aguman Capampangan Northwest USA, in the Philippines, particularly, in Pampanga, Tarlac and La Union.
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-maxpages .com/mission2

  Bukas Sarili Foundation, Inc.  [Visit]   - A non-stock, non-profit organization formed to respond to the pressing socio-economic challenges facing Filipino development. With the Internal Medicine Ward in PGH as its main focus.
-www .bukassarili .org

  Control Protect  [Visit]   - With introduction to the project, membership, and contact information.
-controlprotect .tripod .com/

  Health Action Information Network  [Visit]   - A non-profit non-government organization in the Philippines. Includes links and a searchable database of Health Alert articles.
-www .hain .org/

  Human Organ Preservation Effort (H.O.P.E.)  [Visit]   - A non-profit organization in the Philippines under the umbrella of the National Kidney & Transplant Institute. Includes links to information on donor types, patient requirements and organ donor card.
-members .tripod .com/hopetransplant/

  In Touch Community Services  [Visit]   - Operates a crisis hotline and professional counseling center providing services to Filipino and expatriate clients. Also conducts personal growth and cross-culture training programs.
-www .in-touch .org

  Osteoporosis Society of the Philippines  [Visit]   - Information on the important aspects of the disease. With links to disease information, detection, treatment and prevention.
-www .ospi .org .ph/

  Philippine Society of Anesthesiologists  [Visit]   - Provides information on the society. With links to its committees, members, activities and anesthesia-related sites.
-www .psa-ph .org/

  Philippine Tuberculosis Society, Inc.  [Visit]   - Dedicated to the prevention, treatment and control of tuberculosis in the country.
-www .ptsi .org .ph

  San Carlos City Medical Society  [Visit]   - Organization organized on 1966 by a group of physicians led by Dr. Oscar Quisumbing, Sr. Website contains history, officers, and activities.
See Also: Organizations in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental

-www .geocities .com/sancarlosmedicalsociety

  The Luke Society - Philippines  [Visit]   - Christian medical and dental clinic in Quezon, Palawan, with outreach clinics and community health training directed by Dr. Suzie Cayaon.
-www .lukesociety .org/profiles/philippines .html

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