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About Senior Health in the Philippines. Based on the 1995 NAO Census, the 2002 population of elderly (65 years and over) is estimated at 4% of the total population, 2% male and 2% female, and according to the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2002, the healthy life expectancy at age 60 of male is 10.6 while 12.1 for female. Healthy life expectancy refers to the number of years people can be expected to survive in good health.

According to the Philippine Guidelines on Periodic Health Examinations (2004), the annual screening test for persons aged 40-49 years should include the computation of Body Mass Index (BMI), blood pressure (BP), eye examinations, and determination of total cholesterol, and fasting blood sugar (FBS). For those aged 50-59 years, visual examination of the oral cavity, a hearing test, and stool exam for occult blood should be added. For those 60 years and above, visual acuity and functional reach tests should be incorporated. Women aged 40 years and above should have early clinical breast examination and screening mammography

Updated: Oct. 2, 2005


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