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  Bureau of Internal Revenue  [Visit]   - The official site with FAQs, history, top officials, annual report, and organizational structure.
-www .bir .gov .ph/

  Coordinating Council for Private Sector Participation, The  [Visit]   - Formerly CCPAP, this council is tasked to coordinate, monitor, facilitate and promote infrastructure projects implemented under the Philippine Infrastructure Privatization Program (PIPP) or the Private Sector Participation (PSP) Program.
-www .botcenter .gov .ph/

  Maritime Industry Authority - Philippines  [Visit]   - Has jurisdiction over the development, promotion and regulation of all enterprises engaged in the business of designing, constructing, manufacturing, acquiring, operating, supplying, repairing, and/or maintaining vessels, or component parts thereof, of managing and/or operating shipping lines, shipyards, drydocks, marine railways, marine repair ships, shipping and freight forwarding agencies and similar enterprises.
-www .marina .gov .ph/

  National Book Development Board  [Visit]   - Tasked to implement the national book policy and development of the Philippine book publishing industry.
-www .nbdb .gov .ph

  National Economic Development Authority (NEDA)  [Visit]   - Official site of the Philippines' social and economic development planning and policy coordinating body. Updates on the economy, and economics indicators.
-www .neda .gov .ph

  National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB)  [Visit]   - Philippines' policy-making and coordinating body on statistical matters. Source of official Philippine social and economic statistics.
See Also: National Statistical Coordination Board Websites

-www .nscb .gov .ph

  Office of the Ombudsman  [Visit]   - Provides assistance in resolving complaints filed against government authorities. With news, publications and a search engine.
-www .ombudsman .gov .ph

  Philippine Commission on Elections  [Visit]   - The premier guardian of the Philippine ballot. With FAQs, statistics, election history, election results, pertinent laws, modernization, press releases, and links.
-www .comelec .gov .ph

  Philippine Health Insurance Corporation  [Visit]   - The national health insurance program.
-www .philhealth .gov .ph

  Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS)  [Visit]   - A nonstock, nonprofit government research institution engaged in long-term, policy-oriented research.
-www .pids .gov .ph/

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