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  Mukamo Pinoy Forum  [Visit]   - General message board for filipinos worldwide.
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-www .mukamo .com/

  1K Club Forums  [Visit]   - An online Pinoy community where interaction is at a maximum and gaining friends is easy.
-1kclub .ipbfree .com

  Duyan  [Visit]   - Directory that also offers free web-based e-mail, website, recipe section, and a bulletin board.
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-www .duyan .com/

  GrooveNet  [Visit]   - Filipino Social Networking site that has 3D virtual world community. Contains entertainment news, and lyrics, music, and celebrity portals.
-www .groovenet .ph  [Visit]   - An Online Filipino community and forum about everything concerning pinoys. Also contains articles and news about the Philippines and Filipinos locally and abroad, and photo galleries of places in the Philippines.
-www .hoypinoy .com/

  Kababayan Network  [Visit]   - An online Filipino community of almost everything about the Philippines.
-www .kababayan .net/

  Pinoy Chat  [Visit]   - International chat for Pinoys and Pinays. Filipino community hang-out.
-webpinoy .tripod .com

  Pinoy Exchange  [Visit]   - An online community populated by Filipinos from around the World. With discussion forums on a wide breadth of categories, PinoyExchange (or PEx) is an avenue for anyone who wishes to speak their mind on any topic under the sun.
-www .pinoyexchange .com

  Pinoy Factor Forum  [Visit]   - Pinoy forum that talks about friendship and just everything.
-forums .pinoyfactor .com/

  Pinoy.NET  [Visit]   - A new community for filipinos around the world. Currently provides service for all Filipinos to find their root or origin through building their own Family tree or genealogy.
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-www .pinoy .net  [Visit]   - A Filipino community based forum with discussions about everything related to the philippines. An online place to meet Pinoys and Pinays from all around the world.
-www .PinoyTown .net

  Talkpinoy  [Visit]   - Talkpinoy is a Filipino IRC network. It was organized by a group of experienced IRC administrators in order to provide a peaceful and enjoyable venue of interaction for Filipinos all over the world.
-www .talkpinoy .com

  Tambayan  [Visit]   - Tambayan is a place in the net wherein you can meet up with friends old and new. Talk about anything under the sun
-www .tambay .epinoy .com  [Visit]   - A Filipino web community. Contains forums, chat, directories, and online shopping.
-websayt .com

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