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Websites:  [Visit]   - Contains a researchable archive of Philippine Laws, Philippine Jurisprudence, and Legal Documents. Also contain notable Supreme Court decisions, new laws in the Philippines, directory of Law Schools and other legal informations.
-www .abogadomo .com/

  Batas I.T.  [Visit]   - The very purpose of this website is to promote the discussion and understanding of issues related to information technology law and policy in the Philippines. Includes list of I.T. related laws in the Philippines, and some I.T. related links and articles.
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-www .batasayti .freeservers .com/

  BATASnatin  [Visit]   - The Philippines Comprehensive Online Legal Resource. A website dedicated to the learners of Philippine law, both professional and non- professional. Contains downloadable law related documents, and library of civil, Criminal, Commercial, Labor, Political, Remedial, Taxation, Legal Ethics, and Special Laws.
-www .batasnatin .com

  CD Asia Online  [Visit]   - A Philippine Jurisprudence and Laws databases that are accessible on the web for a fee. Website contains the list of libraries available, and subscription fee and details.
-www .cdasiaonline .com/

  Corpus Juris  [Visit]   - Online Philippine law library. Contains Philippine laws, jurisprudence from 1900 to 2008 (up to the latest), executive issuances and research tools.
-www .thecorpusjuris .com

  Philippine law information and legal advice  [Visit]   - An online portal that contains online Law library,Legal advice, directory of Law Firms and lawyers, Legal Terms, Legal Forms and other matters related to Philippine Laws.
-www .archive .pinoysites .org/www-pinoylaw-com/

  Philippine Legal Forms  [Visit]   - A resource site for standard legal forms and contracts that are free to copy and use. These include but not limited to deed of sale, contract to sell, chattel mortgage, contract of lease or rent, earnest money receipt agreement, affidavit of loss, general and special power of attorney,contract of renovation or construction of a house or building, and authority to sell or lease.
-legal-forms .philsite .net/

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