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About Pinoy Blogs Directory Pinoy Blogs Directory is a directory of Filipino and Philippine base web blogs carefully categorized according to topic. Feel free to submit and promote your blog.

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Arts and Literature
Arts and Literature Pinoy Blog. Includes Poetry, photography and blogs.
Colleges and Universities
Colleges' and Universities' Blogs
Expats in the Philippines
Philippine Law related blogs
Photography and Photoblog
Photography and PhotoBlogs
Business and Economy
Pinoy Blogs about Philippine Businesses and Economy. Franchising, and Stock Market.
Computer, Internet, Technology, and Gadgets
Education/Academics Related Pinoy Blogs
Energy, Engineering and Technology
Energy, Engineering and Technology Pinoy Blogs. Includes Computers and Internet.
Pinoy Blogs about Farming
Fashion, Trends and Lifestyle
Pinoy Blogs about Fashion,Trends and Lifestyle
Health and Medicine
Health and Medicine related Pinoy Blogs
Health Care and Wellness
Pinoy Blogs about health care and wellness. Includes blogs on Massage, Spa, and Health Complex in the Philippines, and Food and Nutrition.
Multi-topic and Personal
Pinoy Blogs Directory
Pinoy Blogs about Filipino Music
News and Media
News and Media Pinoy Blogs
Pinoy Blogs about nursing
OFW's and Filipinos Abroad
Blogs of and for OFW's and Filipinos Abroad; includes South Korea.
Blogs About Places in the Philippines. Includes Iloilo and Iloilo City, and General Santos City
Society and Culture
Sports and Recreation
T.V. and Entertainment
Pinoy Blogs about Philippine Television, Movie and Entertainment Industry. Includes blogs about Philippine showbiz and Piolo Pascual.
Travel and Tourism
Blogs about traveling and tourism in and outside the Philippines. Includes blogs on travel and tourism in Boracay.


  Blog Ko 'To!  [Visit]   - A personal blog of Roel Rivera of Daet, Camarines Norte.
-r0el .blogspot .com

  Free Articles For You  [Visit]   - An online resource for free articles and useful references. The site contains different original articles on a wide range of subjects.
-freearticles-ph .blogspot .com

  Perplex Thoughts  [Visit]   - A blog on Search Engine optimization technique, society and culture, religion and sex.
-noelnoble .blogspot .com

  Pinoy-everything  [Visit]   - an online magazine and community which aims to inform, entertain and connect Pinoys based all over the world.
-www .pinoy-everything .com/

  Ron'z Society  [Visit]   - A blog featuring tech news, information technology news, computer related and software news, humor, lifestyle, culture and religion.
-ronzsociety .blogspot .com/

  Silent Room: A Life's Reflection  [Visit]   - A collection of inspiring stories and writings free-floating around the internet.
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-emcabz .blogspot .com/

 Surge - A blog about energy and electric power engineering and the industry.

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